Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oh you like me, you really like me......

We are so happy to get this post on the New York Times T Magazine blog. I feel like Sally Field!!

Thanks Pilar!

Shop ‘N’ Run | Cursive New York

DESCRIPTIONM.K. WongCursive New York in Grand Central Terminal.

In theory, I love buying hostess gifts. It’s fun to think of the perfect thing to give someone who has invited you for lunch or a weekend in the country. But exactly where to go and when to get there are questions that invariably bring out the procrastinator in me. Therefore, even when no one has invited me anywhere, I breathe a sigh of relief whenever I pass by Cursive New York, a small but perfectly formed shop in Grand Central Terminal.

DESCRIPTIONCourtesy of Cursive New YorkA decoupage paperweight by John Derian.

The shop, which opened last summer, is an offshoot of the five-year-old independent boutique of the same name at ABC Home. Its 424 square feet are stocked with a stylish, witty array of decorative accessories, jewelry, paper products and other things to snap up as you’re dashing for the train. Cursive has a nice selection of John Derian decoupage plates and paperweights (approximately $60 to $175), for example, and chic enclosure cards ($22) that are a different color on each side. I could not resist the red/hot-pink combo, and the first time I enclosed one with a gift, I heard more about the card than I did about the present. And there are sets of letterpress coasters — eight for $16 — that spell out, among other things, “cocktail” or “cheers!!”

Cursive’s transportation-adjacent location has resulted in “insane” business, says Michael Schultz, who co-owns both stores with Douglas Duncan. And the customers aren’t just guests like me. “We get a lot of commuters — husbands buying anniversary gifts for their wives on their way home,” Schultz says. He and Duncan are looking for a third location; stay tuned.